Goals United, LLC
Build and Give

Goals United, LLC

Motto: Build & Give

We are a company founded on the principles of building people. The more we grow, the more people we build. Goals United, LLC is founded and created by Perry AJ Jones. He first formulated the vision for Goals United while sitting inside a prison cell behind bars. Goals United would be a company that not only benefited the owners of the company, but the employees and people the company serves will benefit from Goals United also. Goals Untied, LLC will begin as a film production, e-commerce merchandise, and public speaking company.

Goals United – What We Stand For

Goals United, LLC produce film and provide motivational products and services to encourage growth, awareness, innovation, and creativity with the people that need it the most.
Five years from now, Goals United will have produced direct positive change in over 500 thousand people lives by creating products and services that directly serves them.