Perry AJ Jones

Perry rose above his circumstances only by the grace of the Most High! Luckily, he’s still alive and still striving to be better and do better so he can help others. 

Born to teenage parents, both deserted him into this world alone. One in the house and the other outside the house. Generations of family disorder passed down to him. Back and forth from NY to NC, Perry was tossed around like a family ornament. At age 9, Perry started running away from home, by 15 the street life had sucked him in and he caught his first felony. By 16, Perry was a high school drop out. And by 18, Perry would be serving 18 years of life behind bars.  

His first 18 years of his life prepared him for the next 18 years of his life. He would live caged behind bars shipped from prison to prison on a whelm. All the while never making too close of personal relationships. 

Perry entered prison lost, confused, angry, and failed by the American Institutions that was suppose to make sure he did not end up in a place like this. He was a kid who never had a positive role model to guild him or offer him the proper help he needed to succeed in life. He had the potential.

Unfortunately, he was one of the millions of kids who got looked over. He had educational and sports potential. Just no one to help him hone his skills. Hard times took hold of him and his family. As the man of the house at the time and the oldest child in the house, it was a no brainier.

Perry named anointed with the street name P-Dog did not know what he was in for. Already an abandon and angry kid, the streets would do two things for him. One, teach his some valuable life principles  to take with him to prison and two, expose all the built up anger he had carrying around with him. Only later he would see this.

Perry entered prison excited and angry. More excited than angry. Although he had a lot of built up anger, Perry did not know it at the time. Or at least he was not aware of it at the time.  He had a peaceful demeanor wanted unity among his people. He didn’t have any real beef with anyone. So he couldn’t of been angry… Not even looking at the fact he commited his crime out of anger. There were so much more going on with him also that he didnt even know or realize.

Perry had been silently screaming for help for a long time. No one to hear him, he stumbled through life making mistake after mistake. Prison gave him the opportunity to sit down and think. It allowed him for the first time to look at himself completely. 

There was no one else in here with him. It was just him and the time the judge had harshly giving him for his ignorance. 

And that is when everything started unfolding for him right before his own eyes. 

He began to dissect his life piece by piece. He began reading self help books. Malcolm X becoming his first teacher. Perry dived into every book that he thought could help him or that he thought could help him understand himself and the world around him.

He began to find and figure out solutions based on his own life experiences and the reality he grew up in. He looked at his own mistakes having to grow up on his own learning from trial and error. If only, became his favorite two words. If only this….or if only that…

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