Who is Perry AJ Jones?
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My Story: Who is Perry AJ Jones?

Perry AJ Jones aka P-dogg was only eighteen when he pleaded guilty to first-degree kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury on his victim Today he feels so exhilarated as he expresses pure joy from within on how his life has changed for the best in the past 20 something odd years.

Perry was born in Brooklyn New York; He soon became a product of his environment (the streets of Kinston, NC), where he grew up and got engaged with different things in the street.

One night while gambling with the owner of an illegal gambling/liquor bootleg house, P-Dogg perceived the owner to be cheating him. Perry hates to be cheated, with anger getting the best of him, he shot the man leaving him paralyzed from the waist down, and with this, he took his money back.

The Lenoir County Courts in Kinston, NC sees this as a perfect opportunity to make an example out of this ignorant 18-year-old kid. The court basically deemed there was no help for this kid. So the court literally threw the book at him, by giving him 17 to 21 years, illegally enhancing and aggravating his prison sentence with as much extra prison time as possible. While serving jail terms, Perry discovered he was given much more jail term than it ought to, but couldn’t fight the course at such because he has no funds to hire an attorney.

Perry got into prison thugged out but retraced his ways; he changed his name to ‘Suave’ as he got transformed. The prison was more instrumental to the very supernatural turnaround and transformation of Jones’ life.

“A year into his prison sentence Perry Jones learned a valuable lesson from his baby brother of 5 years old. “We were on visitation and it was time to go. My baby brother did not want to leave me and I could not go with him. The hurt and sadness I see in his innocent eyes tore me apart. In that instance, it hit me like a ton of bricks.  My actions affect more than just me. The stupid mistake that I made out of anger not only affected me but everyone connected to me and my actions. The burden of negatively affecting so many lives in a bad way was too much of a burden. That night I wrapped myself under my covers on my bunk bed and cried myself to sleep….I began to consider the path of change and redemption” Perry Jones.

Actually, it could have been termed wasted years for the poor Jones but he endeavored to utilize the years doing something meaningful, turning a new leaf and equipping his future, though those eighteen years were grave, it turns out to be the years that added color to his life.

Perry read lots of books including the autobiography of Malcolm X, these books work wonders reshaping his life; he got back to school and bagged certificates from four vocational trades and a degree in business administration with CGPA of 3.75. He was also engaged in community services including raising funds for Red Cross and some kind of voluntary works like dog training.

Perry Jones, a changed person believes he has all it takes to touch and reshape people’s lives. He currently plans a crowd-funding campaign to produce his documentary 18 Years at 18 Years. He has already written the film treatment and putting together a team. The documentary will explore Perry’s 18 years in prison, the relationships between inmates and female staff members, and his illegally received sentence, how he survived the sharks and predators living around him, and the institutionalized process he went through and still suffering from.

“What I went through made me who I am. Now I want to take the knowledge and experiences I’ve had and help other people. Just like I’ve been doing most of my life.”

What Drive Me to Setup : Goal United LLC



To make a difference for millions of people every year, passionate to help people grow personally and professionally



I find people, give them experience and the opportunity to build their futures.



A commitment to innovation and excellence, I inspire others and continuously seek innovative solutions

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