18 Years At 18 Years

Can you imagine spending half your life incarcerated? On top of that, can you imagine going to prison right out of or during your senior year in High School? Do you think you could have survived it? What do you think life would have been like for you afterward?

Perry AJ Jones did it. He didn’t want to do it. However, looking back since birth he was destined to go to prison. Well at least if you add up his childhood then it would seem so. Born to teenage parents, Born in the projects, Shipped back and forth from mother to grandmother, ended up with no father figure, role model, or big sibling to learn from. No teacher, coach, nor school educator took a special interest in him to help propel his natural talents and intelligence.

The Streets were bound to snatch him up. And he was bound to end up dead or in prison. Prison is where he ended up. From the beginning of 18 years old, Perry Jones spent 18 years of his life trapped behind prison bars and fences.

There’s a quote people are always told in prison to help them get by, “ Do the time, don’t let the time do you” that’s spoken often. If anyone mastered this quote to some degree, it was Perry AJ Jones. He went from a thugged out P-Dogg with no education to working out of prison with a college degree from an HBCU, graduating sum cum laude with a 3.75 (CGPA). On top of that he touched the lives of people, animals, and nature, all while incarcerated.

Wouldn’t you be curious as to how? How in a place that is surrounded with felonies and power hungry CO’s does one go inside the prison with no education and comes out with not only a college degree but also manages to touch other people lives, animals live, and even nature all from within the penitentiary? Where 95% of what you hear about his place is all negative. And all top of all this, he still came out real as the day he went in at heart!

18 Years At 18 Years will be the documentary that shows you just how. It will touch on 3 main topics of interest. 1. Perry’s transformation itself 2. The Injustice of the justice system 3. The Institutionalization process. 18 Years At 18 Year will be inspirational, educational, and motivate some to change.